Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gene Carter, the accidental potter!

Double walled planter

Where's the Salad
There is absolutely nothing in my academic or employment background that in any way offered a hint I might become a potter. My undergraduate and graduate majors included chemistry, biology, psychology, and public administration. My work history was a series of mundane jobs as a statistician or program administrator. And, my fledgling attempts at drawing in grammar school were long ago totally and forever squelched by a classmate who dismissed them as "copying" because I drew pictures that I saw in books. Having never recovered from that harsh denouement I relegated my artistic "career" to the back burner and moved on with my life.

The Proverbial Chicken Roaster

When my wife Sally transplanted a potter's wheel to the middle of the kitchen in our crowded home in southern Maryland curiosity eventually got the upper hand and I gave throwing pottery a try. I actually became fairly proficient at it and, quite remarkably, some of my work is actually in The Cornerstone Gallery.  As a person who appreciates and admires art, I would classify my work as functional, repetitive, and dreary. So, if it's fine art you are after when you visit the gallery, check out the mosaics by Dotti Stone and Bonnie Kinnaird, my wife's beautiful pottery, or have Sergei craft you one of his unique mosaic eggs. Any of the foregoing will comprise an excellent addition to your collection of good local art and make your trip to The Cornerstone Gallery a memorable experience. But, if you have an insatiable need to cook chicken in a handcrafted chicken roaster, I'm your man!

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