Friday, October 4, 2013

New Mosaics by Dotti Stone added

 Behind the Keyboard Mask

Already there are new items posted in Cornerstone Gallery. Dotti Stone's Azalea Bonsai was created recently for the Look to the East exhibit at Bower Center and "Behind the Keyboard Mask" was in the Black and White theme exhibit last year.
Azalea Bonsai 

Also added is "Tidal Wave," an abstract mirror design that may be used as an accent piece or put in a foyer for that quick last peek before heading out the door. Chunks of peacock ore, glitter and metallic glass tiles are some of the materials included.

Garden Pals
Tidal Wave


And finally, a fun piece, "Garden Pals," friends comparing their flip flops, edged with Murano millefiori and topped with vintage flowers.

Mosaic wine bottle stoppers will be coming soon. They are perfect gift items for the person who collects stoppers or for anyone wanting something different to use after opening a bottle of wine.

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